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Coaching for Teachers

Therapy Sessions
Coaching designed for you By A Teacher who gets it
Pre-Service Teachers, Grads, Highly Proficient... whatever the career stage there is something in it for you!
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Are you dissatisfied at work? Feeling like you are failing?

Stressed Out.... Burned Out... 


Coaching is a proven approach to help you feel better, think clearly and act more effectively.

Be happier and live your best life!


There are three significant building blocks my coaching works utilises

I deliver a personalised service for you based on your needs. Perhaps consider


work-life balance, career change,  better systems and organisation, well being, managing others, collaboration, teaching practice, efficiency, school work, university, motivation, productivity....

1. The creation of a trusting relationship where you can let off steam about work without impacting on your family or colleagues.

2. The development of self-awareness to understand your own needs. 

3. Forward planning so that you can visualise the path you want to take and take it

Some more details...

1. Having a trusting relationship helps you

 Let off steam! EXPLODE, vent, maybe cry a little,    

get some different perspectiveplan, understand, improve, change...


We all get frustrated at work from the demands placed upon us by others. 73% of International Coaching Federation survey respondents found they experienced improved relationships through coaching (ICF, 2020)

J's Story


I was a young teacher; struggling to feel successful in my role, which was impacting every aspect of my life. Teaching a class with many students with additional needs, a team that was excluding me and management that continually made me feel worthless. I felt lost.



Feeling relaxed

J and I met  in a cafe for its relaxed informal atmosphere... But other options are available... I can come to you or perhaps getting out in the fresh air also gives a fresh perspective! I embrace and implement a less formal approach!


2. Develop self-awareness so that you can


 Know your triggers! Plan, see other people's strengths, maybe cry a little,    

understand why you feel the way you dounderstand your values, like the person you are, be happier...


If you understand yourself in more depth, you can use your skill set more effectively with others thereby building self-efficacy and emotional intelligence. 80% of respondents to the ICF survey found they developed increased self-confidence (ICF 2020)

During Coaching you will implement evidence based approaches such as Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

VIA Character 

The VIA Character Strengths Survey helped J identify her strengths of character and helped her act in accordance with her values. Take the test yourself and find out some more about who you are...

Thinks and Feels 

Taking the time to understand our emotional responses to situations beyond your control is a big part of my "thinks" and "feels" exercise. J was able to ascertain when she was feeling and having a reaction. Then the actions she needed to take to best approach the context. So much so she was able to coach one of her students through a panic attack using the same technique

thinks and feels .jpg

3. Forward planning helps

 Change your path! Manage your feelings, work effectively with others, maybe cry a little less, act in accordance with your valueslike the person you are, change...

When you are more in control you feel empowered - you are your own super hero who can save your own day! 67% of respondents to the ICF survey reported an increased work/life balance (ICF 2020)

J's Result

Mel has helped me to find purpose in my life and the confidence to be authentic to myself. She has been the person beside me, helping me to hold up the torch to light my own path. She is so empowering, uplifting and realistic and was able to conform to whatever it was that I needed; a shoulder to cry on, someone to bounce ideas off, career coach, friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone (teachers in particular) who is looking for purpose, motivation and empowerment.

Give it a try for free...

Taking the time to get to know and accept yourself builds better perspective

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Not a teacher but still interested in coaching? Drop me a line and let me know your needs and I'll create a program to suit you

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