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You Can Change!

Too busy? We can work to your needs... 

Our coaching is mobile!

We coach and mentor via Zoom, Email, Messenger for those not easily accessible or in person onsite at your home or business or in a mutually convenient location close to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. 

We get busy people and work out individual pricing and consultation plans that suit the customer.

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Coaching for you

Strategies like the Wheel of Life can help establish where you need to find some balance or make change

You can 
make Change!
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Action boards embrace the idea that when we think it we can make it happen... and then adds the small steps or actions we need to take to get there.  

dream big and 
live bigger!

Frameworks such as the Appreciative Inquiry can help enhance motivation and create change

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case study examples


Some strategies we implemented: 

Thinks versus Feels,     Character Strengths - Who am I ?     What if ... 

 The Empowerment Dynamic - changing the victim status          "Big Picture" perspective

VIA Character 

Tools such as the VIA Character Strengths Survey helped J identify her strengths of character and act in accordance with her values. 

Take the test yourself and find out some more about who you are...

Thinks and Feels 

Taking the time to understand our emotional responses to situations beyond our control is a big part of my "thinks" and "feels" exercise. J was able to ascertain when she was feeling and having a reaction. Then the actions she needed to take to best approach the context. So much so she was able to coach one of her students through a panic attack using the same technique

thinks and feels .jpg

Mel has helped me to find purpose in my life and the confidence to be authentic to myself. She has been the person beside me, helping me to hold up the torch to light my own path. She is so empowering, uplifting and realistic and was able to conform to whatever it was that I needed; a shoulder to cry on, someone to bounce ideas off, career coach, friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone (teachers in particular) who is looking for purpose, motivation and empowerment.

L's story... 

In my last year of school I was really struggling to get through and connect with my studies. I didn't know what to do and I didn't have anyone to talk to as my mum had died a couple of years ago...

Some strategies we implemented: 

Passengers on the Bus,     Treasure Hunting     Goals with soul   

Developmental Assets    Art Therapy - getting creative 

Only you can decide what you need from coaching and how you need to address it 

Hope Stones

After discussion about what the future looked like we created hope stones as a strong, stable and enduring symbol of the way forward 

Prayer Flags

As a tradition prayer flags are placed in the wind to ensure good will and compassion spread into the surrounding space bringing benefit for all. 

These prayer flags used strengths and goals to promote peace, gratitude and a recognition of inner strengths. 

1prayer flags.png

B's story... 

I have tried to lose weight over and over again... I continually fail at diets and wanted to make permanent change

Some strategies we implemented: 

In my body I feel...     Walk n Talk (active coaching sessions)     Self Awareness - perspective building 

Who's in my team?    Smart Goal Setting  

Walk n Talk

Sometimes getting out in the fresh air gives a fresh perspective! Some people prefer a less formal approach!

Building Perspective

Taking the time to get to know yourself... 

Accept yourself... 

And use this information to your advantage can be an amazing tool!

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