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Gotta growth mindset?

One of the great findings coming into the education arena of the past few years is Carol Dweck's notion of Growth Mindset.

Dweck investigated and proved that mindset matters... or our attitudes play a role in our ability to approach learning effectively.

You can be a growth mindset where you are open to learning or a fixed mindset where you are limited in your approach to certain learning. Sometimes you can even be a mixed mindset!

Knowing that your emotional state impacts on your ability to learn is an important finding especially when you are looking at motivation and engagement!

Here are some of the wonderful growth mindset resources I have come across over the years that I thought I would like to share

  1. Mindset works website

  2. Carol Dweck discusses Growth Mindset

  3. Dweck, C. S. (2006).Mindset: The new psychology of success.Random House.

  4. Take a quiz here:

  5. And if you want to see GM in action watch this snippet from Community where Pierce explains how he lives his life

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