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Johari Window Self-Awareness Activity

I love the Johari Window for giving you some insight into what you think other people see in you.

It's quite simple to DIY...

First look at the list of traits and decide which ones are your most prominent ones. You might like to choose from the list [link to website] or the VIA Character Strengths. Either will do the job or use both together!

You then pick your top 5 or so traits that you definitely see in yourself. Take some time to think about this as sometimes after a little consideration you might come up with some different answers

Write the traits you see in yourself in the HIDDEN window

Ask a few friends or family members to pick the traits that they see in you. Write their responses in the BLIND window

Where the same trait is matching in both the HIDDEN and BLIND areas write those specific traits into the OPEN window

These are the traits that you see in yourself and others also see.

This will show you what you the discrepancies between your beliefs about yourself and what other people can see in you.

If, for example, you think you are wise but other people have not seen it perhaps you need to disclose some more so they can see it? OR… if other people think you are brave and you don’t have it on your list then perhaps you need to ask some questions to find out what they are seeing that makes them think you are brave??

The UNKNOWN is just that... all the stuff you've never thought about or tried!

The identification of matching traits shows an existing degree of self-awareness. Something to keep in mind is that self-awareness is an important aspect of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE a type of intelligence that is responsible for at least 58% of your success. [source]

I have condensed the information into a PDF which can be downloaded, printed and used as a worksheet

Johari Window
Download PDF • 178KB

Let me know how you go in the comments - were you self-aware or were there a few surprises?

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