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Life lessons from the past decade...

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I’ve done some reflecting... and here are my life lessons from the last 10 years

Don’t put conditions on love 💕

The kids and I have done the highs and OMG, have we done the lows!!! But I look at them today and think Lucy’s my inspiration, we all should be ‘Jacksmart’ and Will makes me laugh nearly every day with our matching dumb senses of humour! I don’t love them the same - I love them because they are different!

Forgiveness gives you the power because you get to decide

Divorce... there were definitely a few bumps along the way (those of you who know and lived it with me get this) but it’s done and dusted and I learned a lot about the power of forgiveness!

Good will always take down evil...

You know who you are and I hope you have learned that good will always triumph because being kind and having a little empathy took all your power away!

You only get one life and with that do what’s enjoyable....

Fun/laughter/good stuff is the most important part of life... never lose your desire for it!

Life is like gaming – it throws you challenges and you need to level up! I’m channeling my inner Jumanji here hahaha!! God... we levelled up on multiple occasions!

What you give is what you get back... work

– Yep I’m talking to anyone who I met there... as much as a lot of you would say I did something for you, you all did something incredible for me and I am definitely a better person for having known you! Thanks for giving me hope when I had none!

Learning makes you a better person - What crazy assed idiot does 2 degrees at the same time? And life... and work... and kids? Apparently me! I still don’t know if that makes me smart or dumb BUT I loved both of them and I did learn that busy people get everything done!

Stop and smell the roses!

Holidays... they were few and far between BUT when we got away it made such a difference! Most memorable thing? The Buddhist Monk that bowled up to Lucy, out of nowhere, and told her she should always listen to me because I would have her back! Hahaha! Parenting win! Apparently mother does know best and I have the evidence forever!

Sometimes its not that the glass is half full or half empty but it’s about being thankful you have a glass at all! Having to move out for 5 weeks to fix the waterlogged house and then get a $14000 plumbing bill... I think I might win there! Hahaha!

You know you’ve done something right when all the bad ends up equalling something great that you wouldn’t want to change!!

I love my life and I am so happy to have done great things and have such amazingly great people in it. The new decade is a new fresh start and let’s hope we are all here to enjoy the next 10!

HNY and Cheers 🥂

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