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Turn the negative into a positive with reframing... and you'll feel better!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Let's talk about flipping it... changing negative self talk into less damaging and more constructive and motivating internal monologue. So what is reframing? It's a term used to define the actions you take to see things in a more positive light. The process of reframing can lead you to a place of happiness (and don't we all want that?) Why reframe? Well... it's been found that we humans have a negativity bias so we pay focused attention to that which may be unpleasant, hurt us or cause trouble. Think evolution - keeping out of the way of a wild animal was something you had to pay attention to. Turns out we still find it easier to focus on the negative. Reframing is like exercising the positive inside your brain... the more we practice it the better we get at seeing the positive. I'm a big advocate for reframing because it worked for me. I was struggling with a marriage break up and a sick child. I though I was walking around with rain cloud over me head. I started reframing trying to change the way I saw my life. The "everything is bad" became a "Well I've learned a lot". I practiced long and hard but came out on the other side. I'm not saying you'll be perpetually happy but I am saying that practising reframing gave me some tools to see a better life and want to live it and it might help you too! Click on the link below if you want some structured help with reframing...

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