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Look after yourself...

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

One of the important messages to emerge over the past few years relates to prevention of mental health issues through the promotion of resilience, positive thinking, grit and self-care.

Self-care helps us look after our bodies, minds and spirit. Some of the documented positive outcomes of enhanced self-care include increased levels of resilience, reduced levels of anxiety, stress and depression and greater self-awareness.

Here are some self-care tips to help you boost your mental heath and physical wellbeing…

Schedule some “you” time doing something you consider relaxing and enjoyable. Basically, have FUN! It might be catching up with friends, going for a walk or listening to music or a podcast you could even get out in the garden. Try and make this a regular routine so it is just a natural part of your life.

Maintain social relationships. With stress the desire to withdraw from all things social can be an innate response but connecting with those around you helps build ….

Ask for help… acknowledge your human limitations and accept help when it is offered. Taking a “pay it forward” approach where you take the help when you need it and then give help when you are in the right place to do so is a nice way of balancing the give and take.

Exercise and relaxation. Regular vigorous exercise helps to reduce stress and anxiety; and has been known to increase levels of motivation which can be directed into other areas of your life. Take time to unwind from stressful days. Relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation can increase focus and allow you to manage the repetitive thoughts in your head.

Sleep. Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. Switch off the screens about an hour before bed and use relaxation techniques such as meditation and mindfulness to help get you off to sleep if you are feeling wound up.

Watch what you are eating and try to limit caffeine, alcohol and sugar intake. A balanced diet can impact on levels of energy.

Be compassionate… to others but also to yourself. A forgiving and compassionate attitude directed towards yourself can go a long way towards improving self-esteem and confidence levels.

Forward plan – take the time to plan and act on something you are looking forward to – it could be a night out with friends, a holiday or day out.

Know yourself and be proactive about your needs. Identify your values, beliefs and attitudes and then use the information to reflect on difficult situations and take action where necessary to make changes that will reduce your stress levels; apply for that new job, remove toxic people or take up that gym class. Do what you need to do to meet your needs. 

Self-care isn’t easy, especially for parents, teachers and those in professions that are emotionally draining but it is important. If you are having trouble establishing or maintaining self-care routines contact us

we can help.

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