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Tick tock... has procrastination got you?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Tick tock... Tick tock... ever wasted a whole day away because something seemed too big to do? Or perhaps you just weren't motivated?

Procrastination is a major problem for people working to any sort deadlines, in work or play.

Procrastination can lead to feelings of frustration and lower self-worth because you see yourself as unsuccessful.

Some strategies to manage your procrastination demons... 1. The good old "to do list" helps provide clarity as to what needs to be done 2. The "get it over and done with" - not fun but removes any residual feelings of failure because it's d.o.n.e. and dusted and removed from your brain space 3. The "save the best for last" when you work towards the things you like to do you look forward to them BUT if you leave the distasteful things till last... predictably you get a bad taste in your mouth and are reluctant to do them... cue procrastination! 4. THE "reward your good work" a pay off pays off. 5. The "think differently" and change the way you perceive the work. Here's my favourite strategy. I put the timer on my phone for 40 mins and anything I get done above nothing is SOMETHING... I can't go wrong I'm successful if I write one word... or wipe the bench or pull one weed. If I think I have been successful I feel good about myself increasing my self esteem and efficacy!

If you need help with procrastination check out You By Design we can help you wrangle the Procrastination Demon if it's in control

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