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Welcome to You By Design

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

You by Design: Coaching and Development assists people wanting change and improved performance. Operated by Melissa Haley, a member the International Coaches Federation, accountability is assured with coaching guidelines and standards implemented.

Coaching can be a valuable benefit to set goals and assist with:

TRANSITION - Identify, control and make changes for the new,

ACCEPTANCE - Alter perceptions of the old, and,

PERFORMANCE - Create better systems for right now.

Goals are designed by you, to suit your own needs; assisted and supported by a personal change coach. It’s like having a personal trainer for the inside! Moreover, you are recognised as the expert on you, and encouraged to find your own way forward.

The You by Design approach uses established strength-based methods to assist in individualised goal design; developed from an integrated framework of Positive Psychology, Narrative and Person-Centred strategies. Underpinned by the notion GOLD lies within each person, and using proven methods of investigation, acknowledgement and motivation, GOLD can be enhanced to encourage you to SHINE.

You by Design helps find the authentic you.

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